How To Take Gorgeous Photos Alone

Hello sunshine! Who doesn’t love getting the perfect picture? I always relied on my family to take my pictures, but I recently learnt how to have my own at – home photo shoot without any expensive equipment!

Step 1 : Choose an outfit (if you are taking a photo of yourself). I love this step, as you can be really creative. For example, if I were to take a cozy / autumn vibes picture, I would wear fluffy socks and a knitted jumper!

Step 2 : Choose a location. Try to find any wall that is one colour only, such as white. However, for some pictures, a colourful wall with posters can look amazing!

Step 3: Find good lighting. I normally take my pictures facing a window so I get natural light, which is my favourite lighting, however if it’s dark I’ll just shine a lamp light on the subject.

Step 3 : Start taking photos. Prop up your camera or phone, make sure to use a timer, find your angle, and pose away! If it’s not a picture of you, still take plenty of photos from different angles so you have a few to choose from.

Step 4: Edit. The only app I use to edit pictures is the super popular VSCO (it is totally worth the hype) and I don’t have a set filter, I just go with what works for that certain picture.

Photo Ideas


Filter: HB2 +12

Exposure: -0.1

Contrast: -4.5

Highlights: 12

Skin Tone: -6.0


Filter: C1 +12

Exposure: -2.6

Contrast: 3.3

Shadows: +12

Temperature: -1

Tint: +2

Grain: +2.5


Filter: C1 +12

Exposure: +0.8

Contrast: -6

Saturation: +1.1

Skin Tone: -4.7

Fade: +0.5

Grain: 10.5


Filter: M5 +12


Filter: A4 +12

Exposure: -1.2

Contrast: +0.6

Highlights: +7.8

Temperature: -3.5

Tint: +4.1

Saturation: -2

Skin Tone: -3.8

Fade: +2

So that is the end of today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it and got some tips/advice!

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